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Title: Site Rules - Please Read UPDATED 02-17-19
Post by: Jaydog on February 04, 2019, 05:58:35 AM
Posting rules and Artist/Author agreement

This site is intended to provide a welcoming and friendly place for everyone who enjoys our shared passion. Artists/Writers/Viewers/Readers, all are welcome. Of course we encourage all to contribute, but if you just want to view and read, that's fine too. This is free site, no membership fee, no 'special access', in return we ask everyone to respect each other and treat others as you would like to be treated. Unfortunately there have to be rules, so here they are.

To post your pictures/artwork/stories on BeastArtForum you must agree to and follow the rules as presented here. Please take the time to read through this page carefully before submitting. It will help gain a better understanding on how things work on BeastArtForum and help you avoid common mistakes that cause delays in posting.

By submitting your work for posting on BeastArtForum you certify that the following conditions are true and you agree to all the terms outlined here:


The basics you need to remember

Absolutely no posting of CP/Underage on this forum.
(Instant ban - No exceptions)
If in doubt ask a mod BEFORE posting

To be clear
Authors, no character under 16 years old
Artists, no character under 18 years old
Animals, must be considered 'adult' for the species
Exceptions ARE allowed IF the scene is absolutely NON sexual
(Please ask a mod before posting if you are unsure)

At present any actual photograph/video must not be more explicit than "nonsexual nudity"

Everyone makes mistakes, honest mistakes are not grounds for punishment
If you do something we don't like, we will ask you not to do it again
If you persist, we have the option to temporarily drastically restrict your access
If you continue, you will get banned

If you are unsure if something is acceptable. Ask us..!!
If you have an issue with the site or a member Tell us..!!

This site is for people to relax, feel comfortable and have fun expressing themselves.
Personal attacks will not be permitted.

Relax, play nice, treat others with respect, they will respect you