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How to place a link in your post.
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How to place a link in your post.

1. Go to the post you want to link to, either in the forum sections, the gallery or the fanfic story area.

2. Copy the link, there are various ways to dog this, including clicking the url link at the top or your browser so it is completely highlighted, and using Cntl+C to copy it.

3. Go to the post you are writing/modifying and place the cursor where you want the link. Then paste (Cntl+V)

What you should see is a link like this (This links to a story in the fanfic area);sa=story;id=4

To create a better looking link simply do as follows:

4. Add [url= in front of the link.

5. Add ]Link text[/url] after the link
6. Example:  [url=;sa=story;id=4]Better off Bred[/url]

7. Which will result in a link that looks like this; Better off Bred

Result. A cleaner, better looking link.
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