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This is a list of my illustrated stories (in Your Art - 3D Images section)
WARNING! The stories are about nonconsensual bestiality. In many stories unwilling human females are violently mated by animals.

Adopt a Pet
Fantasy Fulfilled
Joanne - The Widow
June's Nightmares
Michelle on a Beach
Patricia Waiting
Raped in a Park
Terry on a Rock
Tess - Poker Game
Tracy's Selfies
Tropical Honeymoon
Uma at Kennel

Image collections with short background stories
Abused by beasts
Oldies by Canis
Owned by a Dog

I have also posted some stories found from the internet. In some cases I have posted only first parts of the story, if I am not a fan of the latter parts.
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All my pictures, movies, and stories are pure fiction. All events are fictional and the human models are fictitious adults. The events described are dangerous and immoral and should never be done or tried in reality. Sexual violence is a crime. Bestiality is a crime in many countries.
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