Author Topic: Your attachment has failed security checks and cannot be uploaded.  (Read 1753 times)


"Your attachment has failed security checks and cannot be uploaded.
Please consult the forum administrator."

This is a known bug in the forum script.

From what I hear, it`s the way certain programs like older versions of Photoshop places non standard data into images.

It seems to happen with mostly older images and some animated gifs.
Although I have run into this while testing, I don`t run into it much. I use Photoshop cs6.

After messing around, I found that a workaround is to upload the image which did not pass the security check to your gallery.

Then paste the BB code into your post.

Your image should show up.

Sorry for the inconvenience
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That work-around worked for me yesterday
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That work-around worked for me yesterday

Im glad it worked for you.
I would suck not being able to post certain images.
I`m still searching for a better fix though.


EDIT; Okay that didn't work so it's something intrinsic to the image itself and not the program it was saved in I believe? Not sure - anyway I will be adding them to my gallery for now and if I get a chance later I will keep trying possible solutions   :\'(

There is nothing to stop you uploading to your gallery and then posting a link in the "You Art" section. That will both draw attention and allow comments etc.

( Please note the section rules before posting in "Your Art" )
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Re: Your attachment has failed security checks and cannot be uploaded.
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I was trying to avoid this fix from the beginning because it renders all animation dead.
Since it seems that we dont share many animated gifs, I just implemented the fix.

So now you should be able to upload the jpg`s that were triggering the warning, but animated gifs wont work on the site.

I think you could try uploading the gif to your gallery and inserting the BB code into your posts, like the workaround states.